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The age old question: Can old dogs really learn new tricks? Well, this old dog has been thrust into a world of technology through the years. I remember one night in a college class when the teacher asked everyone to tell their experience level with computers. Horrified and humiliated, I had to tell them that I didn’t know how to turn it on yet. Yes, that is when everyone in the room turned to the back to look at me in “Muppet Baby” surprise and shock. I went from being the one asking how to turn on a computer to a video conference pioneer and speaking in conferences about a themed unit on the Iditarod that I tied in to the novel The Call of the Wild.

Over the past few years, I learned how to use my cell phone – sort of. My daughter would laugh at that statement. The five controls for the television that is hooked up to everything on this planet and in the sky – well, let’s just say that I had to use her handwritten notes.

Presently, I am learning how to blog (special shout out to my daughter Tiffany who became my mentor through this) because I have just written a subversive fairy tale and am hopefully on the path to being published. I would love to have other authors offer advice, encouragement, or just follow along with me on my journey. I am just one person in this world who wants to make a difference and leave something behind that will educate, inspire, and possibly change lives for the better.

Maybe old dogs CAN learn new tricks, after all.

~Manelli Bochelli~