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I was thinking today how fairy tales weave their magical way into our lives as children and adults to teach us right vs. wrong and good vs. evil. While fairy tales transport us to another place and time, they also allow us to learn from others’ mistakes and courage.

Fairy tales affect and imitate our lives, but do we learn we can live happily ever from sentences at the end of a story? Children are mirror images of adults, older siblings, relatives, and neighbors. They become our teachers in life. They teach us how to step up to a fear of something that really isn’t the fear that is feared the most. The primary fear thrusts us into courage to face a secondary fear or simply to run from it. That is why we are able to face our daily fears or give in to failures. How do we then remove the beast within that hinders our complete success and fulfillment? How many past achievements are required to do it? Timing is everything. Do we need a cheering section, rely on a fairy godmother, wait on God and expect Him to do everything for us, or put others down to be able to step up to the plate? That’s when time is our friend, and we learn more and more all the time how to exist in life.

I believe that we become somebody’s hero or heroine even when we are oblivious to eager eyes that observe every move we make, or ears that listen to every word we speak. We live in a tale that is being written every minute of our lives. The choices we make provide ultimate happiness or make us face the dragon. What do we choose to influence us as adults?

Every day is a gift. Let’s open our hearts and be kind to each other; we can help each other face fears and realize dreams.
The End

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”  –  Albert Einstein


~Manelli Bochelli~