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Today’s focus is on cleaning. We all have to do it so that we will be separate from the beasts in the jungle who get to lie around on tree branches and slither around in the dirt, or the fishes in the sea who jump up and down, slide around, and sleep while motionless. As humans, we have to rely on vacuums, a huge Bissell, cleaning cloths, Windex or Pledge, and elbow grease.

We have company coming tomorrow, so today is being spent in cleaning mode. Do I love it? Absolutely not! When I’m done, I usually feel like the Bissell Queen, but sometimes I have to wonder what is wrong with me that makes me feel like I don’t have a clean house unless the floors have been thoroughly cleaned. This sickness reminds me of a poem I read years ago. The woman in it mentioned how you work so hard to clean up the dirt that covers your house just to be buried under it someday. Maybe the less you clean, the smaller amount of dirt will be thrown on you? Ok. I think I have dirt in my brain, and more is calling my name, so I will be sufficiently covered someday. Now, I’m off to get my pearls and heels.

~Manelli Bochelli~