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So there I was..we had arrived at the Sandcastle Inn in Room Tranquility on the second floor with an ocean view and only a few feet away from the sand. I could hardly get through the door before the ocean’s magnet sucked me out the screen door and to the edge of the balcony. Deep breath…ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. A smile wrapped around my face.  The sounds of the crashing ocean’s waves flooded my ears. Waves greeted me as they rolled from the left to the right and splashed the pier. Sunshine covered me with its warmth. I had finally arrived and new that those three days would not be wasted. As I absorbed the atmosphere of where God must go on vacation, I heard a message in my heart. It told me to breathe, relax, and let go of the stress that cripples my dreams, and as the tide came in and out, so did that stress. A second message tapped on my heart. It revealed that something big was going to happen in my life. I took an extra breath and wondered what it was going to be. There are several possibilities, so I’m going to go with happiness and success in several areas of my life – better health, an end to Lyme disease and its aftermath for our daughter, to get her book published, a great year at school with fresh ideas in my poetry class, my husband’s happiness and success at touching hearts at his school, maintained better health for my sister, and to get my fairy tale published. Those desires swirled around and solidified themselves as goals and deeper prayer requests. I need to move beyond the survival part and gain strength to realize these goals; therefore, this warrior took time to be still, rest, relax, and refocus.

My husband and I had to force ourselves to go inside to sleep that first night, but we let the sounds of the waves lure us to sleep with only the screen door between us and the ocean.

I waited until 6:15 the next morning to go down to the water’s edge. That is a magical time when the high tide has receded and left shells everywhere to gather. Only a few surfers, kayakers, and joggers, and dogs were there, so I wasP1210386 joyfully deafened by the awakening of the morning sounds. I closed my eyes and was enveloped by one of my favorite things – the ocean. No, I didn’t fall in, but the birds and I had to remain aware of just how much intensity we could withstand before being grasped by the ocean’s fingers in the tide. I opened my eyes to see dolphins playing near the surfers, whales in the distance, and sea lions swimming close to the shore. And it was good. I quickly made a happy heart sign and took a picture before it was washed away in seconds. Minutes turned into 1 1/2 hours of walking up and down the beach to enjoy it at different angles. And my heart smiled. I hope you enjoy the moments I captured.

Here I am with my Honey taking pictures.

~Manelli Bochelli~