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Life is full of changes, and I have certainly seen my share over the years. While fulfilling obligations I have at work, I also have obligations to my family, relatives, friends, dog, and myself.  It gets embarrassingly difficult sometimes to prioritize as the seconds of my life tick by one by one. Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our lives.  Can you hear the song?

I have been pondering on things I have been changing within the last six months and am looking forward to more. What have I changed?  I have changed where I worship to a new family, gotten off sugar since Jan. 1, survived plantar fasciitis in my right heel (being on my feet all day as a teacher made that one more difficult, but the shot is helping to heal it), and have worked so hard to be disciplined enough to lower by blood sugar. Even though my doctor jokingly told me how sweet I was, it’s really no laughing matter. I miss being “normal” where people can eat in moderation but enjoy what they want. I won’t list my plethora of longings, but I will tell you that faith makes things possible, not easy. It has been possible to deny my cravings while I stay busy, but I’m wondering what the next step will be like.

I understand why we only get 24 hours in a day, but there are days when I just need a few more. God, in His infinite wisdom, knew that this human didn’t need to accomplish more in a day.  There is so much to squeeze in after work. No wonder we Americans are exhausted from work, marriages, children, obesity, high blood sugars, stressing over things that are beyond our control, food preparation, appointments, parties, guests, attending work/church/school functions, eating out with friends, going to an occasional movie, tending to sick children and being a Stepford Wife, etc.

What I’m lacking in right now is to prioritize my time between my faith (Bible study, praying for others and myself), reading a self-help book called Calming your Anxious Mind and surviving my daily obligations with more joy. The book just arrived in the mail, but I have so many miles to go before I get to it.  I have to wear the teacher hat that allows me to grade and record papers for endless hours, try to be a Putzfrau and clean a bit, and fix dinner.  All of this has to be mixed with a little time to write in my blog and another fairy tale or two. lol

I’m a hot mess of so many things going on in my life right now. What have I learned from it all? I MUST get regular and extra sleep to function as a calm human so that I can make wise choices without the influences or indulgences in wine, chocolate, and other sugars.

Here’s to life!

~Manelli Bochelli~