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I had my own private earthquake the other day while teaching. One moment I was teaching, and the other moment I was shaking. My voice started shaking. I began shaking all over. It took me a few seconds to realize what was going on for the first and hope only time. I walked while shaking (that was a really weird feeling) to get my diabetes monitor and check my blood sugar. It was low at 69! I was so scared and did not want to fall on the floor, hit my head, and go into a diabetic coma and cause all kinds of drama around me. Immediately, I ate my glucose emergency tablets, string cheese, and had a few nuts, but I continued to shake. My students were “advanced” but were also freaking out a bit. I called the school secretary, the principal, and vice principal – but no one picked up! That terrified me. I felt trapped. Because my sugar was staying so low, I became a little confused and just stared at the phone. A minute later, the secretary returned my call and sent security to my room so I could go to the lounge, eat, and calm down. I bought a Coke full of sugar and drank a few ounces before I finally calmed down enough to eat my lunch.

What did I learn? I am extremely grateful for beginning a new lifestyle five weeks ago with insulin twice daily so that my numbers would go down, but I have to eat my snack at 10:00 and two handfuls of nuts 45 minutes later to stay stabilized. I don’t get to eat lunch until 12:45, so that is really too long to wait. Oh, well…I have to adapt to my new schedule.The last two days, I followed my snack plan and ended up with an 86 at both pre-lunch readings.

Bette Davis said that getting old ain’t for sissies. That is an understatement!!!!! I am beyond grateful that I am finally getting insulin to stabilize my sugar levels and shrink my body fat, but it has come with a price. This adventure in living requires more time to check blood levels four times a day, I give myself an insulin shot once in the morning and once at night before drinking a glass of milk before going to bed. The next morning, it all starts over again with the planning of more choices, more time spent on me, watching the clock for snack time, etc.  All these years of being overweight, I never had to think about food so much and actually monitor the ounces, portion, and timing of every bite, drink so much water, and sleep more. BUT—all of this is beginning to transform my body and reshape it – while getting me healthier.

I have a plan of action for my two classes before lunch, and they feel more empowered now and more confident about taking care of me if anything happens again. Now, I’ll have four ounces of Coke to drink immediately from my little refrigerator, and I’ll eat snacks in front of them. They don’t care, but a few have asked for some of the cheese and nuts.  My diabetic nurse agreed that those snacks were fine, but I’m going to look for others.

Onward…I shrink to live longer! I praise God for keeping me safe through this change!~