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How does a writer know when to cut the apron strings from a finished piece?  This has recently been plaguing me and causing me to question myself about my finished fairytale.  How many readers do you send it to and let them critique it before you finally send it in to an agent? How many do I trust with my finished product? There are so many opinions about every little aspect, and it’s tough to know whom to trust and how many changes to make.

I have written a subversive fairytale that is five pages. I’m ready to let librarians, elementary school teachers,  and mothers of young children read it and critique it for me before I send it in.  Experienced writers, do you give a Starbuck’s gift card to readers? What have others given?

Please advise.  Am I making a mistake or an appropriate decision to put it out there for others to critique?

Thank you,

~Manelli Bochelli~