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Hello, everyone!

Yes, I have been gone for several months, but I certainly hope I wasn’t forgotten. Life sometimes gets so busy, but I promised myself that I would try my best to write more often.

I do have some questions for all of you writers out there. I will be attending a writers’ retreat and need to know the proper requirements for sharing the first 500 words and first page. Do they both need the top 1/2 page information before skipping several lines to the title, or is it ok to put the title and begin the manuscript? I don’t want to come across like a new fish out of water. Oh, wait…I am!

My second question is about an original fairy tale. I have researched everywhere and don’t see any modern requirements as to length. My word count is 1,900. I have been reading a plethora of classic fairy tales but don’t have any original to compare mine with. Mine has more dialogue, but I recently edited out 600 words. I’m trying to shape it into a “classic” form, but are there any new “forms” out there that I just can’t find?

I would appreciate any suggestions or helpful hints.

Thank you,

~Manelli Bochelli~