Hello, fellow chapter book writers! I have a few more bits to offer from my research. I hope it helps at least one person.

In the last blog, I mentioned chapter book length and how it varies from 4,000 to 25,000 words. I read that most are around 10,000 words, but length depends on the story.

I read that most chapter books are from 40-60 manuscript pages and each chapter is 3-4 pages. These books are usually 40-80 pages long. They also have short paragraphs from 2-4 sentences that are more action packed and fast paced. Sentences are more complex with subplots. More advanced readers have a higher attention span and can follow more detailed plots and difficult sentence structure.

Of course, a chapter book that is written for the advanced reader would most likely be longer in length, more chapters, and filled with more complex subplots. These readers can relate to the characters and solve their problems by themselves as they follow foreshadowing and character development that moves the plot along.

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